How to set up a Hugo blog locally and on Vercel simultaneously

Advanced mathematics textbooks tend to skip over the obvious steps in proofs. Same in my article, I will skip over the basic steps, such as the installation and use of git and Hugo. From scratch, installing Hugo, publishing to GitHub, and then configuring it on Vercel, you will encounter many strange errors along the way, which is a tedious and laborious process. It is easy to get discouraged and give up halfway after a few failures.

The Increasing of Performance Differentiation

Recently, the company has been emphasizing on increasing performance differentiation, which has caused some unrest among employees. What exactly does increased performance differentiation mean? It suggests that managers should provide subordinates with more diverse performance ratings, focusing on high and low performance, rather than the generally satisfactory ratings that employees previously received. Why does management choose to do this? Here are a few main factors: • Although the company’s business is still growing, the growth rate has gradually declined and has not met the expectations of the management.